Kim grew up in a Chicago suburb, back when it was mostly farmland.  He has been singing all of his life.  He began pursuing his acting career back in high school, when he performed the lead role in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

He began singing for a living just out of high school, when he and his two brothers, Keith and Kurt, formed the Rock n Roll group The Strauss Brothers Band.

Later, Kim enrolled in the American Conservatory of Music to pursue his love for making music.  He has been making his living singing and acting ever since. 

Kim's incredible vocal range of 
4 octaves lends itself to a wide array of musical styles, which he has performed throughout the years. They include Legit, R&B, Rock and Roll, Pop, Country, and stage performances in a variety of well-known musicals.

He has also enjoyed recurring acting roles on popular television series such as The Young & The Restless, ER and Babylon 5.




The Strauss Brothers Band