Kim was the Irish Fan
of Mo Cushle, 
otherwise known as Maggie, in 
Clint Eastwood's 
Academy Award Winning
Million Dollar Baby

What a fun ride!! 
Kim played the Wacky Doctor Lockerman in the highly acclaimed short film
My Body

This film and it's producer, 
Joel Moffett, have won numerous awards and accolades, including recognition from the prestigious
American Film Institute

Kim played the rough-and-tumble bad-guy
as The Phantom in
Street Angels





Kim has had lead roles on a variety of television shows.  
He has also enjoyed recurring roles on popular television series such as The Young & The Restless, ER and Babylon 5.


Kim has played Dr. Reese Walker on The Young & The Restless for over 12 years now.  Many fans know him for this role, but few people know that Kim's first role on Y&R was 18 years ago when he portrayed Scotty Bryant, the head wrangler on the Newman Ranch.

Kim is Ari, the anesthesiologist, in his recurring role on ER.

Kim spent 3 years portraying a variety of alien characters on Babylon 5, including the Drazi Ambassador.

Kim was Sergeant Gleason in the television movie Helter Skelter.

Kim played the part of Eric Smalls, a road tour/event coordinator, in his guest star appearance on 18 Wheels of Justice, an episode entitled Come Back Little Diva.

Kim had a guest star role on the CBS television series JAG in the episode entitled Port Chicago.

Another of Kim's appearances was in the role of the Stage Manager in the popular television series Matlock.

Kim played the part of the Richie King, the handsome, womanizing, singing teen idol in an episode of 
Murder, She Wrote.

Kim had the opportunity to work with Martin Sheen and Miguel Ferrer in Project Alf the TV movie.